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Only Chemical Free Vacuum Sanding Totally Removes Every

Quality Paint Removal Service.

Total Chemical Free Stripping.  Zero Problems When You Paint.

Longer Lasting New Paintwork.


  Help guarantee a Higher level of Quality when your New Paint is applied. Organise the

Lead  Paint  Removal  Service

Quality Total Lead Paint Strippers

We  Sand  It  Properly

You  Paint  It  Better

Paint Layer Back to the Original Clean Bare Timber Surface.

Surface Preperation yourself and use our Specialist Hepa Vacuum Paint Removal System.

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Personalised service and very high Quality work everytime. No Subcontracting teams used.

Examples of our Quality Chemical Free and Totally Clean Bare Timber results you get when using Hepa Vacuum Paint Removal Process.

Compare the Quality of Vac-Sand

Hepa Vaccum Lead Paint Removal.

No Chemicals Used. Zero Chemical Damage. Zero Chemical Residue .