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Quality Lead Paint Removal Services Brisbane.

Problems Using Chemicals - Timber Damage


Retaining the original timber profiles.

Vac-Sand house sanding use specialised low speed lead based house paint

 sanding equipment on all the timber areas having lead based paint remova

 work done. When we are doing lead based paint removal work we take great        care and pride in the way we retain the original clean bare timber profiles.

Total removal of old paint layers.

Vac-Sands hepa vacuum paint stripping process takes all timbers back to

their original bare surface. All old paint layers are removed leaving problem

free application of your new paint. When old paint layers are left on the timber they degrade over time and eventually cause the new paint to peel.

Recommended hepa filtered vacuum system.

Vac-Sand house sanding use a specialised hepa filtered industrial vacuum system with a hepa filter designed and recommended for the safe clean removal of lead based paints. The unit we use connects to a 10 metre vacuum hose giving us total access to all your house wall areas.

Setting up for total paint removal.

Vac-Sand house sanding lay 1 to 2 metres of industrial plastic sheeting on the ground. Then we hang industrial plastic sheeting around each wall of the house for totally enclosed work areas. Before we do the lead paint removal work we also seal all the windows and doors with masking tape.

Clean Bare Timber and Zero Problems Painting.

Toxic Chemical Vapours - Chemical Residue

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