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Our System Is The Most Trusted Lead Paint Removing Process Being Used. Its Chemical Free, "Hepa Filtered," Vacuum Lead Paint Removal. 100% Natural Timber Every Time. Best Results For Paint Application.

Complete Stripping Of Lead Paint And "Original Timber Profiles" Kept.

"Quality Results" For You When Applying Your Timbers New Paintwork.

Hazardous Chemical Paint Strippers.

Are You Using "Hazardous Chemical Paint Strippers" For Your Lead Paint Removal! Check It By Asking For And Reading The "Safety Data Sheet" For all The Chemical Paint Stripping Products You Decide To Use. Check If They Are Hazardous According To The "Safe Work Australia Health Criteria." Also If You Can Type Into Google "The Chemical Products That Your Using" Plus "Safety Data Sheet." Its Good Information!

House Sanders.

Lead Paint Removal Brisbane Use An "Industry Approved" Hepa Filtered Vacuum System. Our Lead Paint Removal Results Are Clean Bare "100% Natural Timber" Every Time.

Types Of Timber Sanded By Lead Paint Removal Brisabane Vac-Sand
Vac-Sands Hepa Vacuum Lead Paint Removal System is used on all timbers. Pine Chamfer Boards are a soft timber. We sand the boards chamfer and face by low speed machine and scrape the bottom edges. Hardwood Chamfer Boards are a medium timber. We sand the boards chamfer and face by low speed machine and hand scrape the bottom edge. Hardwood Weatherboards are the hardest timber. We sand the face and bottom edge by slow speed machine. The corners of all the timbers listed above are hand scraped resulting in total removal of all the Lead Paint Coatings. Control the Quality of your houses New Paintwork and Organise the Lead Paint Removal Process yourself. Vac-Sands Hepa Vacuum System.

Problems Using Hazardous Unsafe Chemical Paint Strippers.

Timber Damage - Toxic Chemical Waste - Chemical Residue

Chemicals that can Burn your Child's Skin, Irritate your Child's Eyes and have Inhalation Risks "Generate Extra Hazards" for your Family.

"Least Used" Chemical Paint Stripping,"If Its Hazardous" Its Not Safe!

Ask, Check, And Google All Chemical Products, "Safety Data Sheet."

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