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Are "Safe" Chemicals As "Safe" As People Tell You?

You Have To Read The Safety Data Sheets To Find

The Real Truth! Don't Listen To The Spin You Get!
"WorkSafe Qld Recommend That Is What You Do Before Using Them!"
"May Damage Fertility Or The Unborn Child," That Sound Safe To You?
"Chemical Paint Stripper Business" Gets On "Sanding" Bandwagon.
Advertises "House Sanding" As The Best Lead Paint Removal Process.

Using Another Business's Name To Try Get Work Tells You A Lot!

Please be aware there is a "Dodgy Business" in Brisbane dishonestly using our Registered business name "Lead Paint Removal Brisbane." We have nothing to do with that business and the "Poor Quality" of their "Inferior" work. If you also see our Asic Registered Business Name, "Lead Paint Removal Brisbane" being promoted on "Dodgy Overseas Websites," that is also the same "Dodgy Business" trying to scam people.

25 Years Of "Chemical Free," Lead Paint House Sanders .

Compare! The High Quality Of Our Results Before You Paint.

Vac-Sand Lead Paint Removal Brisbane House Sanders, have been removing Lead Based Paints "Chemical Free," from the Interior and Exterior walls of old timber house's in and around the Brisbane area for the past 25 years. We sand your house properly so you can paint it better. We use industry approved house sanders, "Chemical Free," Hepa Filtered vacuum house sanders. For the total removal of all the Lead Based Paints present on these houses. We do not employ contracting teams to carry out this work, it is all high quality personal service and high quality results every time. Our finished work after we have completed sanding every thing properly, so you can paint it better, is done using our Lead Based Paint Removal process. It is 100% "Chemical Free," and 100% clean bare natural timber for you to apply your new paint. Hepa Filtered Vacuum house sanders give you the best lead paint removal results.
Hardwood Weather Boards. We sand it you paint it better.
Hardwood Weather Board 100% Chemical Free lead paint removal.

100% "Natural Timber" And Zero Chemical Problems When Painting!

No Subcontracting Teams Used.
High Quality Personal Service.
Problem Free Paint Application.
Longer Lasting New Paintwork.
Hepa Filtered Vacuum Systems.
Zero Chemical Vapor or Waste.
Zero Chemical Timber Damage.
Zero Chemical Residue Problems.

Brisbanes Lead Paint Removal Specialists! Quality House Sanders. The Best Lead Paint Removal Process, Our "Hepa Filtered" Vacuum Removal Systems. Quality Surface Preparation And The Best Results.

100% Chemical Free - 100% Original Clean Bare Timber Every Time.

If You Want "100% Chemical Free" Quality Lead Paint Removal Results As Below.

Vac-Sand "Specialist" Lead Paint House Sanders Brisbane. Always "Quality Work."

Hardwood Weather Boards - Lead Paint Removal
Hardwood Weather Boards after 100% Chemical Free lead based paint removal.
We Sand It You Paint It - Timber Areas We Use our Lead Paint House Sanders On.
All types of Weather Boards and Chamfer Boards, Internal VJ Boards and External VJ Boards, Gable Facia Boards, Flat Timber on Gables, Gutter Facia Boards, Windows and Window Frames, Window Sills, Window Hoods, Verander Posts, Verander Beams, Verander Handrails, Belt Rails, Wall Posts, Stair Posts, Stair Runners, Stair Treads, Barge Boards and any other flat timber surface that your house might have.
Pine Chamfer Boards. We sand it you paint it better.
Pine VJ Boards after 100% Chemical Free lead based paint removal is completed.

"Least Used" Chemical Paint Stripping,"If Its Hazardous" Its Not Safe!

Ask, Check, And Google "Safety Data Sheet" For All Chemicals If Used.

"WorkSafe Qld Recommend That Is What You Do Before Using Them!"

Chemicals that can Burn your Child's Skin, Irritate your Child's Eyes,

Plus Inhalation Risks, Fertility Risks, "Generate Extra Family Hazards."

Messy - Hazardous - Unsafe - Chemical Stripper Problems.

Timber Damage - Toxic Vapor and Waste - Chemical Residue

Chemical Strippers Produce 10x The Waste Of Hepa Vacuum Removal.